US Support for Ukraine Stays Strong, According to White House Strategist

In an interview published by The Telegraph, John Kirby, the White House National Security Council’s Coordinator for Strategic Communications, discussed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and emphasized the United States’ commitment to supporting the country. The article highlights the unique dynamics of the interview and the perspective presented by the British publication.

Joe Biden to call for UN Security Council expansion

Kirby dismissed concerns that funding for Ukraine may be reduced, stating that the support for Ukraine remains «very, very strong.» He acknowledged that some «very right-wing» Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to resist additional assistance to Ukraine, but he expressed confidence in the high level of support from the leadership of both houses of Congress.

The discussion also touched upon the White House’s consideration of providing Ukraine with long-range Atacams missiles. Kirby clarified that no decision has been made yet, but the administration wants various interagency entities, including the Department of Defense and the State Department, to review the possibility. However, he stressed that there is no confirmation at this point.

The interview with Kirby also delved into President Biden’s initiative, which he will present at the UN General Assembly this week, regarding the expansion of the UN Security Council to include «five or six» new permanent members, such as India, Brazil, Germany, and Japan. Currently, the Security Council consists of five permanent members, including China, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, along with ten non-permanent members elected for a two-year term. Since amending the UN Charter would be necessary for this reform, both China and Russia could veto the decision. It is worth mentioning that Russia has previously proposed expanding the Security Council to include India and Brazil, so there might be room for consensus between the United States and Russia on these candidates.

Returning to the interview, The Telegraph carefully approached the topic that Kirby discussed in a twenty-minute video, which, in my opinion, is a significant signal: the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine will have negative repercussions for the United States. Kirby also reminded that Russia is a «major nuclear power» with considerable military capabilities.

In essence, this statement aligns with a report released earlier this year by the RAND Corporation, which I previously wrote about. The analysts concluded that it is in the best interest of the United States to avoid a protracted war in Ukraine, as it could heighten escalation. The geopolitical interests of the United States are focused on countering China, rather than engaging in a conflict with Russia in Ukraine. The lowering of President Zelensky’s status during his visit to the United States, the lack of decisions regarding missiles and aircraft, the uncertainty about the amount of aid to Ukraine in 2024, and even the statements suggesting that the West will arm Ukraine for the next offensive in 2024 – all indicate that the United States is trying to bring the conflict in Ukraine to a resolution. However, it is evident that prolonging the conflict serves the interests of Zelensky and the United Kingdom. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious. Much depends on Russia, its involvement in the process, and the situation on the front lines.

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